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Researchers use a technique called isotopic fingerprinting to determine the concentrations of minerals found in urban environments by analyzing honey from urban honey bees.

Urban Rooftop Beekeeping

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Urban Rooftop Beekeeping

Honey bees are biomonitors of the environment because the honey gives quantitative information about the environment as opposed to just qualitative information.

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Urban Rooftop Beekeeping

Urban rooftop beekeeping creates alternatives: local honey, garden pollination throughout the city, and overall
perennial greening.

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The Bee: “The Most Important Living Being on the Planet"
Mission Statement
Our mission is connecting bees and people. We want to see more businesses with rooftop hives and our goal is to bring those rooftop hives into your business for staff and customers to interact with the honeybee with our Glass Enclosed Live HiveTM and our special mobile App. The closer we are to the honeybee, the better chance we have of saving them!
High Rise Honey Bee Evolution
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High Rise Honey Bee

In a very meaningful way a High Rise Hive Host or High Rise Hive Sponsor supports sustainability. Rooftop bees will bring a huge impact not only to the environment, but to the community.
It’s also a good way to bring people together through a common interest.

Supporting sustainability
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The Bee Project

Calgary entrepreneur Paul Vickers, who turned Cowboys Dance Hall into an international sensation, is setting his sights on a new venture to bring awareness to the public about the plight of the bee.

Vickers is launching The Bee Project - a unique and innovative initiative that will collect data and information from bee hives placed atop buildings in 36 centres across Canada.

The goal, through his new venture High Rise Honey, is to help the colonization of a threatened species as well as gather information about the quality of honey in those cities taking into account each of their environmental influences. Vickers believes the analysis of the honey, to be done by a bee expert from the University of Calgary, will give some great insight about the health of Canadians in all those markets.

Paul-Vicars-&-Jade The Bee Project
Paul-Vicars-&-Jade The Bee Project