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We Love Bees!

High Rise Honey own and operate a hive in Calgary where initial research and sampling are being conducted. In anticipation of advancing this corporate launch and following the research, it occurred that there are rooftop opportunities all around. The key to this business study will be to secure locations which will allow for planning and operational implementation. Initial discussions and concept included working with property owners based on size and national scale of ownership holdings.

High Rise HoneyPaul Vickers

Paul’s public safety companies have assisted with the capture of the Boston Bomber and countless child predators and human traffickers around the world. Paul is a serial entrepreneur with over 40 businesses in restaurants, entertainment, flood and oil spill protection, and law enforcement technology. Paul’s companies have provided aid in some of the world’s worst disasters, including Hurricane Katrina, the BP Oil Spill, Superstorm Sandy. Paul is also an experienced beekeeper.


High Rise HoneySteve McDonough

Management of the Company will be initially handled locally by Steve McDonough a seasoned business startup professional and Independent corporate Director. Steve McDonough is also the Vice Chair of the Calgary Stampede Board of Directors a world renowned Agriculture, Agri‑food and organization dedicated to authentic youth and learing experiences. McDonough, will be working with a long‑established team of managers and professionals.