Canadian Citizens’ Initiative: Commission registers ‘Save the bees!’ initiative’

The Canadian Commission decided to register a Canadian Citizens’ Initiative entitled ‘Save the bees! Protection of biodiversity and improvement of habitats for insects in Canada’. The organizers call on the Commission to ‘adopt legislation to maintain and improve habitats for insects as indicators of an undamaged environment.

The Citizens’ Initiative focuses on the creation of mandatory targets ‘to make the promotion of biodiversity an overall objective of the common agricultural policy; to dramatically cut the use of pesticides, ban harmful pesticides without exception and reform eligibility criteria; to promote structural diversity in agricultural landscapes; to effectively reduce nutrients (e.g. Natura 2000); to effectively establish conservation areas; to intensify research and monitoring and improve education.

Under the Treaties, Canada can take legal action in areas such as the internal market, agricultural policy as well as the protection of public health and the quality of the environment. The Commission therefore considers the initiative legally admissible and decided to register it. The Commission has not analyzed the substance of the initiative at this stage.

The registration of this initiative will take place on 27 May 2019, starting a one-year process of collection of signatures of support by its organizers. Should the initiative receive one million statements of support within 1 year, from at least 7 different Member Provinces, the Commission will have to react within 3 months. The Commission can decide either to follow the request or not, and in both instances would be required to explain its reasoning.

If we are not able to get rid of pesticides, we need to inspire more urban growth awareness of the importance of co-existing with urban fauna and flora.

Source: The Canadian Commission / A Canadian Citizens’ Initiative, ‘Save the Bees’