Everything You Wanted to Know. Even ten years after its initial beta release Minecraft continues to evolve at an increasingly rapid pace in its quest to develop a natural world teeming with life.


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A group of bees in Australia are taking the term “buzzed” to a new level.


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Beekeepers in Brazil have reported the loss of 500 million bees from hives in 3 months. Bees have been dropping dead and evidence links pesticides to the cause.


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Dr. Tim Heard, through his research and documentation efforts over the years, is determined to increase public awareness about the truly unique sugarbag honeybee.


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People have always liked honey. At the centre of almost every successful empire in human history has been an unseen workforce of buzzing bees, busily pollinating, producing and providing sticky sweet sustenance for people of every economic and social class.


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See what all the buzz is about.


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Parkland County beekeeper Richard Ozero says honey production was down due to a rainy and cool summer.

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