A great way to introduce yourself to new honeys is to sample them – taste-test a number of different honeys and try to guess the flavour. Paul is right that 76% of all honey in the marketplace is fake. Follow us here and on social media for more real information about honey.

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The Bee Project

Calgary entrepreneur Paul Vickers, who turned Cowboys Dance Hall into an international sensation, is setting his sights on a new venture to bring awareness to the public about the plight of the bee.

Vickers is launching The Bee Project - a unique and innovative initiative that will collect data and information from bee hives placed atop buildings in 36 centres across Canada.

The goal, through his new venture High Rise Honey, is to help the colonization of a threatened species as well as gather information about the quality of honey in those cities taking into account each of their environmental influences. Vickers believes the analysis of the honey, to be done by a bee expert from the University of Calgary, will give some great insight about the health of Canadians in all those markets.

Paul-Vicars-&-Jade The Bee Project
Paul-Vicars-&-Jade The Bee Project

It’s not just about the honey – if bees were to disappear our diets would never be the same.

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According to a 2018 study published in Nature Scientific Reports, a specific type of mushroom extract can help honeybees fight off a devastating virus that is suspected of contributing to massive bee die-offs in recent years.


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The pictures were taken for science, but found a wider audience because they’re gorgeous and a little trippy.


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A video demonstrating how we raise queen bees at Canyon Rim Honey Bees in the Black Hills of South Dakota.

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Most people associate honey with that sticky sweet stuff you find at the supermarket, but the world of honey goes WAY beyond those little plastic bears (which, to be honest, aren’t even real honey most of the time).

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We all are familiar with the health benefits of raw unprocessed honey. However, in Australia, scientists made a remarkable discovery that one particular obscure type of honey is capable of killing every kind of bacteria scientists throw at it!

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A new beehive system made up of a series of hexagonal prisms may be just what your bees need. The Honeycomb Hives system is designed to tackle bee colony losses by making hives which apparently keep pests out, get rid of condensation and which retain heat more efficiently – all problems which can be a bane to honey bees.

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