A video demonstrating how we raise queen bees at Canyon Rim Honey Bees in the Black Hills of South Dakota.

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Most people associate honey with that sticky sweet stuff you find at the supermarket, but the world of honey goes WAY beyond those little plastic bears (which, to be honest, aren’t even real honey most of the time).

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We all are familiar with the health benefits of raw unprocessed honey. However, in Australia, scientists made a remarkable discovery that one particular obscure type of honey is capable of killing every kind of bacteria scientists throw at it!

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A new beehive system made up of a series of hexagonal prisms may be just what your bees need. The Honeycomb Hives system is designed to tackle bee colony losses by making hives which apparently keep pests out, get rid of condensation and which retain heat more efficiently – all problems which can be a bane to honey bees.

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One of the 7 wonders of animal behaviour. The bee is the only other creature to dance other than humans and primates.

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Over 37 million bees have been found dead in Canada after GMO corn was planted recently in the local area.


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Beekeeping is an exciting and fast growing hobby. Maybe you started keeping bees recently but aren’t sure how to inspect your hive. Without knowing what to do, your hive could perish.

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Alberta’s top bee scientist wants local beekeepers to keep their eyes open for a beetle that could bedevil their hives. About 120 people were at the Edmonton Fantasyland Hotel from Nov.

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