Parkland County beekeeper Richard Ozero says honey production was down due to a rainy and cool summer.

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Paperback, “Honey Bees Make Honey; Mason Bees Make Food”, by Dave Hunter (Author), Jill Lightner (Author)

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It’s early April, and dusk is settling in. At odd moments throughout the day, you’ve found yourself pausing to admire the spring flowers, winking open their petals to the warming day, splashing the fields and gardens with purple crocus, butter-yellow calendula and cherry-pink milkweed. What better time to check on the bees.

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The program hasn’t officially started, but Dan Shaw is getting a lot of calls from people wanting to turn lawns into pollinator habitat.

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Calgary’s network of urban beehives has expanded into a residential neighbourhood, as part of an initiative to help the ecosystem and maintain the population of honeybees.

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This story is really about honey, a spoonful of which I have in my morning tea.

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