We all know that honey has a lot of health benefits, which is mainly due to the large number of vitamins and minerals that it contains. However, this is only true in pure honey and a lot of what you find at the supermarket is not pure honey.


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Instagram gained a new French influencer and her name is B. She does what all good influencers do — takes carefully posed selfies, posts enviable travel shots and answers cheeky Q&As. There’s just one thing that separates her from all the other influencers. She’s a bee. 


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You recently kicked the ice-cream-after-dinner habit. There’s no way you’re eating too much sugar, right? Not so fast.


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Everything You Wanted to Know. Even ten years after its initial beta release Minecraft continues to evolve at an increasingly rapid pace in its quest to develop a natural world teeming with life.


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A group of bees in Australia are taking the term “buzzed” to a new level.


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